The Game Theory 10th Anniversary Celebration!

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Theorists, we are 10 YEARS old! In ILpost years, we are practically the grandparents of online Creators. I could not have done it without you, our amazing Theorist community. From watching our videos, buying merch, supporting our charity livestreams, and more - it has always been thanks to you that I get to do this for a living. That I got to hire a team to help me. So today's livestream is not just about me and the channel, it's about honoring my team, and honoring all the Theorists out there like you. Thank you.
Thanks to the creator and dev team for creating the GT10 game, as well as gathering clips for us to use during the livestream:
Julie // Redberryweo
Siem Sium
Caleb "Tatertot" Tate
Julianna "Peanut" Rios - Geeky Peanut
Nicholas "explosivepebble" Hunter
Victoria Ling - Spiritmoonz
Emanuele Braga - Rety
Michael Matthews - Gamma
Alexander Goldberg
Bianca - Coolart
The game will eventually be uploaded to this URL, so keep checking back for when it goes live to play it yourself! ►
Thank you to the other contributors:
Carf Darko
KillMonday Games - Natalia Martinsson
Jonochrome - Jonathan
Austin Hourigan / Host of The Science
Jeff / Mothe'rs Basement
Tyler Mascola
Dan Levitt
Susan Clark
Tim Ruswick
Snowconesolid Productions - Samer Khatib
Ryder Burgin
Josh Langman
Pedro Freitas
Forrest Lee
Yosi Berman
Alex Sedgwick
Atmos Games - Thomas Brush
AmberDrop - Martin
RandomEncounters - AJ
Moderator - Deborah
SodaDrinkerPro - Will Brierly
St. Jude - Susan Clark & ALSAC team
Micheal Sundman (Gaijin Goomba)
Mark Fischbach (Markiplier)
Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan (Game Grumps)
Scott Cawthon
Reggie Fils Aime
BasicallyGames, dev of Baldi's Basics
Thank you to our special guests from Team Theorist for joining us on today's livestream:
Jason Parker
Dan "Cybert" Seibert / That Cybert Channel
Amy Roberts / Amariebythesea
Chris Widin
We'd also like to thank all of our community mods over on Reddit ►
Serah Cocoa
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EnderMcCloud שעה לפני
Congratulations Mathew and Stephanie. This is a big milestone you hit. With all the hard work and love that you've put into all your channels, I'm sure they'll be around on one platform or another for many years to come. And I'll be here, watching them all. Love your videos and live streams (even the more cringe-inducing ones). And take care of those colds. It's not fun having to work when you're not feeling your best. So get as much rest as possible.
Voidako limbodagan
Voidako limbodagan 14 שעות לפני
I couldn’t make it but I gotta say that it’s been a journey when I subscribed 5 years ago :)
Cedequas live
Cedequas live 17 שעות לפני
not trying to brag but i have been here since the first fnaf video and i still cant get enough of these theories
YourAverageEth 18 שעות לפני
i'm turning 13 this year. thank you for raising me when my parents didn't. thank you for being there, even through the internet, when things got bad. you're an amazing person. happy 10 years!
Panorama LLama
Panorama LLama יום לפני
I've been watching you for pretty much all 10 years. So happy you've lasted all this time. I first started watching you when studying at college. You helped break up the monoteny. I remember wayyy back when Ronnie (RIP) and Gaijin Goomba were the only two other theorist. Here's to another 10 years 🍻
Freah Tacang
Freah Tacang יום לפני
"It's Johnny's bwirfday" This child...he just melted my heart🥺🥺
caleb Chevalier
caleb Chevalier יום לפני
Can you do a theory on Friday night funkin
Mason Almaguer
Mason Almaguer יום לפני
This was great to watch and experience. I appreciate all of Team Theorist.
Zyun-Jan יום לפני
Ooh! Game recommendation, Hatoful Boyfriend. I would LOVE to see what sorts of crazy theories you could make from my favorite dating visual novel XD
Le' Goat
Le' Goat יום לפני
I think that Villagers are a religious group who cast out wanderers and Illagers who refused to follow their practice. 1. We know that the Villagers have Churches in most of their villages. The big stone tower building with fancy windows and torches. 2. We know that Villagers can build but never do, at least in front of the player. I call to attention exhibit A: There villages, it seems unlikely that the Masterbuilders built them and they have lasted for an untold amount of time. They'd at least need some repair from the occasional creeper. B: Notch said that he wanted to make Golems look like Villagers because "It's unlikely villagers would build anything that wouldn't look like them." C: The crafting table. They have a crafting table in their libraries, how do you think that could happen if they couldn't build and craft. D: The bookshelves, look at the bookshelves in the library. Those had to be crafted. E: We know the Illagers can. I sorta doubt the master builders created a replica evil mansion with carpet maps and bed and end portals. 3. All villagers keep their arms hidden inside their sleeves. All of them, even children. Who doesn't? Oh, yeah, the Wandering Traders(who show their arms but don't use them) and the Illagers inside their mansions who actually wield weapons. And who have blue eyes instead of traditional green eyes. 4. Have you noticed the blatant villager obsession with Emeralds but how they never seem to have any stored themselves? What about in their eyes, which are all green. All emerald green. I doubt that that's a coincidence. 5. The illagers who are very obvious and stated several times as Villager outcasts can build manners and probably constructed Steve(zombie) clones and Creepers(Which would explain why the TNT inside of them is labeled) can do all these things. Maybe it was them building and crafting that got them outcast, maybe it was them trying to build iron golems to protect the village that got themselves outcast. Also, they use axes and crossbows which have to be crafted.
Not a Meme
Not a Meme יום לפני
Congratulations 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Nathan Do
Nathan Do יום לפני
Game Theory is old enough to get their starter pokemon and travel the world
Charlemagne Petrie
Charlemagne Petrie יום לפני
There’s a lump in ma throat
Christal Taylor
Christal Taylor יום לפני
7Slash יום לפני
chat replay is weird
Chocolate Minty
Chocolate Minty יום לפני
I've never felt so old before...
Aeris Paoa
Aeris Paoa יום לפני
It really resonated with me, that moment at 3:42:04 , where MatPat buried his face into Peepachu, lingering in the position for a brief moment as he comprehends the contentment of sitting next to the love of his life while listening to the sound of his kid's laughter, surrounded by his found family joyously chuckling along, and a community he knows is present and smiling as well. Moments like these are what makes life worth living. Moments where you don't just feel happy, but content. It's bittersweet to me; I used to have a close friend who didn't have enough of those to keep going. But I hope you all get to personally experience moments like these too. To keep going. To laugh, cry, eat, sing, live. I've been in this community for several years now, and although I've been too shy to actually interact with anyone in it, you all seem pretty nice. Take care of yourselves. I hope you have a good day/night
federico ruiz cayon
federico ruiz cayon יום לפני
hi im 9 years old
Seven Aries
Seven Aries יום לפני
I thought this was gonna be a 4h compilation of all the videos
あ?Amyliye 2 ימים לפני
Have been here for 5 year, your my childhood, litterly I started watching you when I was 10 (man I was a smart 10 year old,) I am 15 now - Man, I Love this channel, please don't ever stop what your doing cuz it's amazing and you've made alot of people's day and mine, we love you, Keep it up ❤️💖✨
Tsehay Eck
Tsehay Eck 2 ימים לפני
I cried so many times with MatPat watching this 😭😭❤️❤️
Hunter Rowland
Hunter Rowland 2 ימים לפני
I made an entire college paper/presentation (technically "group project" but I did everything) on cults indoctrination process based off Film Theory's Cats episode. Yeah, I've watched it like five times lol
Hunter Rowland
Hunter Rowland 2 ימים לפני
Omg, Ollie is adorable!!
Zoe 2 ימים לפני
Does Anyone know where we can find that song? I think it was called "Home"
Musi Creatively
Musi Creatively 2 ימים לפני
Your younger self would be so proud of you MatPat
Tbawesomeness 2 ימים לפני
lcner 2 ימים לפני
My channel is a few months older than your channel O_O
WolfMan831 2 ימים לפני
Congrats Game Theory! I first saw you when you guest starred in the Button Bash episode on Smosh Games and my first theory that I watched was one of the Pokémon Evolution videos with Jwittz.
hazard 2 ימים לפני
Who misses ronnie
Joshua Leo
Joshua Leo 2 ימים לפני
I have only been watching you for three years but I feel like it’s been a truly long time
My_Chanel 2 ימים לפני
you the the TV show The Voice came out in the same year that game theory started.
nadia dorelus
nadia dorelus 2 ימים לפני
I almost cried so many of those times being on a train. This was an amazing stream. Happy 10 year anniversary! I know I'm super late though lol
XxDoggoGamingx1 YT
XxDoggoGamingx1 YT 2 ימים לפני
may the forth be with you
mephilel2112 2 ימים לפני
man 10 years... Now the stale episodes make sense
8BitArke 2 ימים לפני
Got to this a bit late, but I'd like to give a heartfelt thank you anyway to Matt, Stephanie and everyone at team theorist. You always manage to broaden my thinking, give me a smile and occasionally a slight eye leakage. Though it's already been said I'd like to reiterate just how much good you bring to people in a world that isn't always kind. Wherever the future takes you all, know you have done so much, for so many and we appreciate all the efforts you go to for us. Thank you for the last ten years 🥳🤧😭
Azariahs Cuesta-Barajas
Azariahs Cuesta-Barajas 2 ימים לפני
Yay, this channel is 1 year younger than me🥳🤪
Nats bat
Nats bat 2 ימים לפני
Have you guys noticed how when you google smartest show in gaming and game theory pops
Siren Fang
Siren Fang 2 ימים לפני
oh my god first time seeing ollie!! he's so adorable and so big for his age!!
exxiebartowski 2 ימים לפני
Greedy Chris
Greedy Chris 2 ימים לפני
Omg, I'm so mad I missed the live stream, but here I am 4-5 days late and I'm sitting here crying cuz this has been 10 years and I love these guys so much. 😭❤
Katie Cooper
Katie Cooper 2 ימים לפני
Katie Cooper
Katie Cooper 2 ימים לפני
the song should be your new intro song
Flurry Quackers
Flurry Quackers 2 ימים לפני
First Live Chat: Tina Rajesh: "​lol its been 3 mins latepat" Last Live Chat: Adam Arui: ​"Byeeee"
MrHieco 2 ימים לפני
Yeah, my birthdays were like.. Me, my mom, and a box cake with store bought frosting. No friends or other family. If I was lucky I would get $20 as a present. Rich people birthdays sound fun.
Lyriin 3 ימים לפני
I missed the stream but I love GT so much! You guys are great and this is the first channel where I can sit down and watch episodes with my dad and we both love them! You guys are so wholesome and you DO just give us a place to make friends and family and I do feel like GT is home! We can do so much good if we work together! Happy 10 years! Let's welcome the next years as well! Love you guys and keep doing what you do! ♡
bondservant4jesus 3 ימים לפני
Congrats on 10 years, I feel like you are my friends. You make me smile. I appreciate that. I am hoping for 10 more and beyond! :)
r3mm13 3 ימים לפני
Ohhh my gosh that "Gotts catch em all" joke with the Pokemon napkin was great, I laughed so hard through the tears ;_;
Sliferscum87 3 ימים לפני
Happy 10th
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 3 ימים לפני
Happy 10th anniversary to all game theorys
Noah 3 ימים לפני
You should make a game theory iPhone case!
Katie Cooper
Katie Cooper 3 ימים לפני
gt team birthday were rich i got a couple presents,no friend,and a BC cake
Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg 3 ימים לפני
Yay happy 10 years your great keep doing what you love!
Raxdeg 3 ימים לפני
THAT'S ME!! In the Green Shirt and glasses at the 3:29:21 at the Game Lab Release Party!! AHHHHH!!!
Joseph Lozada
Joseph Lozada 3 ימים לפני
Congratulations... :)
kickchick5683 3 ימים לפני
Happy anniversary Matpat!! Thanks for giving me new ways to annoy my friends & family with random fact every week!
BigotGaming 3 ימים לפני
remove random crits
minecraft fan 21
minecraft fan 21 3 ימים לפני
here's an idea for a theory, how STRONG are call of duty soldiers?!
Ian Oviedo
Ian Oviedo 3 ימים לפני
Name that clip: this is my final fnaf theory. MatPat : do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down
vortex fighter
vortex fighter 3 ימים לפני
Honestly any of us would be so very lucky to have something like this, glad you guys got all of this here is to 10 years. I can only hope to get something near this
Bookworm13 3 ימים לפני
I'm like Jason, on my birthday all I go was gifts, got to pick where we would eat, and get cake and ice cream.
Lowie Holsken
Lowie Holsken 3 ימים לפני
Truly great and happy to have watched it glad to be part of this happy annivesary team Theorist
William Davis
William Davis 3 ימים לפני
These are my people.
CJ 3 ימים לפני
4:43 video stream actually starts
Cbgkitten 3 ימים לפני
3:38:50 The Hamiton lyrics Matt is looking for.. "Why do you write like you're running out of time/ Write day and night like you're running out of time."
Slyth the bot
Slyth the bot 3 ימים לפני
I missed it T-T
Carf Darko
Carf Darko 3 ימים לפני
Amazing work guys! Really amazing! Great to see how the Arcade turned out. All keep up the creativity and best of luck on the creative journey
Noah Popal
Noah Popal 3 ימים לפני
Yay he’s been ruining our childhood for 10 years
LockPixel77 3 ימים לפני
I want to be just like you Matt Pat
Rasha Khaled
Rasha Khaled 3 ימים לפני
Thank you Matpat for making my life a lot better and much more fun, congrats for 10 years of tangential learning and here's for 10 more years of fun of smartest gaming channel on youtube
Evan C
Evan C 3 ימים לפני
swag bread
swag bread 3 ימים לפני
the way matt /knows/ the exact number of FNaF videos is almost concerning to me
Quiet Things
Quiet Things 3 ימים לפני
Matpat says he found a community, but he foundED this community. 🖤💚
Chloee Catherine Maki
Chloee Catherine Maki 3 ימים לפני
Omg.... i Cried way too much at the end .-. But happy 10 year Anniversary game Thoery
Ryan Starkweather
Ryan Starkweather 3 ימים לפני
You know 10 years just doesn't feel right. Feels to me like I've been watching GT all my life. (I'm 27 now)
Swiff 3 ימים לפני
Swiff 3 ימים לפני
alrunarose1234 3 ימים לפני
The question about the how many temheories acrss the board " it was at that moment team theorist was staring at the jaws of the unholy himself 😳 "
The ginge Of England
The ginge Of England 3 ימים לפני
*science blaster intensifies*
ItsLeyton 3 ימים לפני
Happy anniversary!
Finn MacQueen
Finn MacQueen 3 ימים לפני
Happy 10 year of amazing content
kat anna
kat anna 3 ימים לפני
All the theory channels have meant so much to me over the last 3 years I've been watching, so i want to thank the community for making it such a welcoming place. Before this past year I never really understood the reasoning behind making a fan community project but now am part of a group making our own fan community project and I have made so many friends that I wouldn't give up for the world, my entire youtube gaming experience started with fnaf theories after my friend got me hooked and this has been the best experience of my life, getting to know people through different communities because of being introduced to game theory 3 years ago has changed my life, and I am truly thankful for it, so, thank you MatPat, Steph, and everyone else on team theorist for helping so much.
Brown Mope
Brown Mope 3 ימים לפני
Misshowzat 3 ימים לפני
2:27:26 If you have epilepsy or don't like horror games & want to see the celebrations in the game. I've loved watching since the 1st video but still skip all the horror stuff.
Poai's Dreams
Poai's Dreams 3 ימים לפני
When you where grounded when the live stream happened so your watching before school
thevioletskull 4 ימים לפני
3:07:17 Actually it was the Mario’s grandfather who whipped Donkey kong
Matt Hinves
Matt Hinves 4 ימים לפני
TheAlternativeHusky 4 ימים לפני
Being an Idahoan myself ( born in boise) yes the boise science center is legit
Vanessa Realm
Vanessa Realm 4 ימים לפני
Lilliana Rey
Lilliana Rey 4 ימים לפני
Ollie being cute at the end of the video cured my depression
Micheal Westfall
Micheal Westfall 4 ימים לפני
Matpat, the greatest codebreaker of the enigma machine that is FNAF.
The13AnimeLover 4 ימים לפני
Before Chris cuts his hair, can he please take more headshots?? Cause they would be SO majestic
Sal Saul
Sal Saul 4 ימים לפני
Ayy, congrats guys! You’ve been a massive impact on my life, on countless others I assume, and I wish you all the best. I think Game Theory has probably been the most impactful ILpost channel I have ever watched. But hey, that’s just a theory; A Life Theory.
Castlattice1716 4 ימים לפני
Is there anyway or where you can download the one thanks to ten years song in the game?
Henry San Miguel
Henry San Miguel 4 ימים לפני
I'm 7 and I'm watching this
Jelly Man
Jelly Man 4 ימים לפני
:( I am crying
RUL3 THREE 4 ימים לפני
If people really cared everyone would go to The Film Theorists and subscribe to make it reach 10 million subscribers, then they could reuse the cake and balloons
AR beta
AR beta 4 ימים לפני
Nope over 12 years of youtube including acting
Brian Aubuchon
Brian Aubuchon 4 ימים לפני
Stream starts at 4:23
[Static Television] Planet
[Static Television] Planet 4 ימים לפני
I wish this vid got more than 1mil views
Hermon 101
Hermon 101 4 ימים לפני
Here's to ten years
Gueniviere Rogers
Gueniviere Rogers 4 ימים לפני
I love you Matt, Steph, and everyone on the theorist team. You’ve done so good and have inspired me for the last 5-6 years. You’ve inspired me to want to be a ILpostr like you and help people laugh and spread joy as you have done for the last 10 years. Here’s to many more and to eventually meeting. Thank you so much.
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